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    Laura UrhoboLaura UrhoboLaura UrhoboLaura UrhoboLaura UrhoboLaura Urhobo
    National Minimum Wage

    National Minimum Wage

    Laura features in the new advert for National Minimum Wage.


    Swings & Roundabouts - Supporting Artist

    Real Housewives Of Cheshire - Supporting Artist

    No Offence Series 2 - Supporting Artist

    In The Dark - Supporting Artist

    DCI Banks - Architect

    Emmerdale - Supporting Artist

    National Treasure - Patient

    HouseWives of Cheshire - Supporting Artist

    Cold Feet - Shopper/Night Clubber

    Hollyoaks - Wedding Guests/Nightclub Goer/Garage Relaunch/Mortuary Assistant

    Prey Series 2 - Pub Drinker

    In The Flesh (Series 2) - Commuter

    Coronation Street - Restaurant Couple/ Nurse

    Mount Pleasant

    The Wright way - Supermarket Shopper

    The Slammer



    Patient Claim Line - Supporting Artist

    Bensons For Beds - Boot Camp

    Four Seasons Health Care - Dementia Stills - Nurse/Carer

    Strongbow - Supporting Artist - Crowd Member

    Juventas - Supporting Artist

    Moon Pig - Supporting Artist

    Dioraleze - Extra

    Oak Furnitureland Commercial - Extra

    AXA - Extra

    Sofaworks - Extra

    Ronseal Commercial - Factory Worker & Vox Pop

    Standard Football Commercial - Football Crowd

    Olympics Commercial

    RAF Commercial

    Gala Bingo Commercial

    Cashino Gaming



    ESF Fake Professionals - Teacher

    AOL - War Dogs film release

    Health & Safety Film - Office Worker

    Premier Travel Inns Corporate Event Film-Mum

    Barclays Spoof Movie Trailer - Barclays Staff


    Museum of Science and Industry - Marketing Manchester


    national minimum wage

    National Minimum Wage

    Laura Urhobo features in the new advert for National Minimum Wage.
    29 Feb 2016



    Recently Filmed: 

    Museum of Science and Industry

    Corporate Shoot - ESF Fake Professionals

    Swings & Roundabouts - BBC Pilot

    Patient Claim Line TVC

    Bensons For Beds TVC

    AOL Corporate Video

    Four Seasons Health Care

    Real Housewives Of Cheshire

    Strongbow TVC TVC

    No Offence

    In The Dark

    Juventas TVC

    DCI Banks


    Moon Pig TVC

    National Treasure

    Housewives of Cheshire

    Cold Feet

    Dioraleze TVC


    Oak Furnitureland Commercial

    AXA Commercial

    Sofaworks Commercial

    Prey Series 2

    Ronseal Commercial

    In The Flesh (Series 2)

    Premier Travel Inns Corporate Event Film 

    Barclays Spoof Movie Trailer 

    Coronation Street

    The Slammer

    Health & Safety Film

    Cashino Gaming 

    5ft 7in (1.70m)
    hair colour
    eye colour